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Ty Lue slides over from the assistant’s seat to the top spot.He was more of a lead guard in high school and AAU and given his six-foot-one stature without shoes, measured at the 2019 Nike Hoop Summit, he is likely to be Design Custom Shirts as more a point guard prospect in the pros.The new deal would begin with the 19 season and run through 22 and be worth up to $164 million for those four years added to the two years and $58 million still left on his deal.Minnesota signed Jeff Teague as soon as free agency began.

Lakers’ 2026nd round pick to Cleveland 2027 second round draft pick from Custom Authentic Baseball Jersey Denver’s 2027nd round pick to Cleveland 2027 second round draft pick from Utah Utah’s 2027nd round pick to Cleveland 2021 second round draft pick to New Orleans Cleveland’s 2021nd round pick to New Orleans 2022 second round draft pick to New Orleans Cleveland’s 2022nd round pick to New Orleans 2024 second round draft pick to New York or Indiana New York will receive the more favorable of Utah’s 2024nd round pick and Cleveland’s 2024nd round pick and Indiana will receive the less favorable of the two.Most around the league have Williamson rated as the top prospect since Anthony Davis.And what happened to freedom of speech?The Pelicans are now 12 in games in which they’ve had a double-digit lead, the most losses for a team when leading by double digits this season.

Davis and the Pels may be upset with each other, but they probably need to sit down over the All-Star break and figure out if they want to do this the hard way or the extremely miserable way.At the end of the day, it’s Emoni’s decision on what he wants to do.In light of those individual achievements, the fact that the Thunder were ignominiously defeated by the Rockets in the first round of the playoffs — giving credence to those who argued James Harden was the rightful MVP — felt almost besides the point, but not entirely.Simmons’ status remains more up in the air, and his timetable for return is unknown.We’ll just see how he feels tomorrow.

The first two days I was doing great, no symptoms at all, and then flu-like symptoms, high fever, really tired, fatigue, all that.That squad ran into a series of juggernauts in the West but also, in at least one instance, did-as they say-choke.

After two straight seasons of unchecked Stitched Baseball Caps season dominance followed by postseason flameout and indignity, Giannis Antetokounmpo and his Milwaukee Bucks are toggling around with their formula, so to make it less obsessed with the futurism of its center-sized point guard approach, and make better use of his gravity near the hoop.

It’s one of those things where when Michael Jordan says something to you, you know it’s the truth.

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